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Having a cup of our favorite drink (mostly coffee) with our beloved ones is all what we need most often, and some of us take this as a part of their lifestyle when they find the right coffee house for them. So, they give high attention in order to which café to select regarding to the quality of the coffee they serve, the atmosphere of the place, and for sure the comfortability of the café.

If you are a coffee lover and looking for cafes in Doha city then here is a list of the best cafes to go:

Blue Signature Café

What makes Blue Signature Café at the top of the best cafes in Doha is the
modern, artistic design that differentiate it, make it not just a regular café but an artistic place where you can enjoy every sip of your coffee in a place full of blue vibes.

Ink Café

Highly recommended by the Doha News team, Due to their cartoon design that will hit your mind the moment you just walk in. only black and white colors with 3D diminishes that will blows your mind. We should not forget also to mention their signature in cakes, the black velvet one in particular.

Piccolo Café

The indoor cherry blossom tree in the middle of this café, with a combination of relaxing colors, make it a unique place. Furthermore, they are serving delightful coffee, and many cake options that will fascinate you.


Rosemary café

For the pink lovers, this café is just for you!

A café full of countless pink flowers above of you, with outdoor sitting with pink furniture, Moreover, they serve the food and drinks with a touch of pink. It would be all what you need to enjoy your time in such a lovely place.


Sugar and spice

Not a house nor purely café, you could say something in between!

Let’s call it a café house, why is that? because it is a house designed to be a café, with a vantage interior design, serving homely deserts. Which makes you feel like you are home, it is truly a great combination.


The chemist café

Try to change your coffee drinking habits, by living new experience and enjoy your coffee in chemist café. The café designed to look like a chemistry laboratory, and they way of making coffee is totally different from any other place.


W café

It is always nice to have next to your coffee small yummy light bites, in quit, colorful café such W café. they make many baked treats and hot/cold drinks. Also, they do good offers during the week.


Meesh Me- Time

 Plants all around you, free Wi-Fi, with lovely interior design that gives it   fancy style is what makes Meesh Me- Time one of the best cafes in Doha.


Leau De Café

What made Leau De Café is ideal spot, where you can spend your time there, is the taste of French cuisine, and the classical design of it, also consider one of the best indoor/ outdoor cafés in Qater.