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 Many businesses have taken various strategies to keep afloat in the ever-  changing business environment. Internal and External elements that exert pressure on a company’s activities make up the business environment. It is crucial for a business environment to maintain a relaxing atmosphere for their employees so they can maximize their abilities to perform at their best ability. Here at Edexy we strive to provide the best service for our customers, so in order to do that we try to maintain an environment in which everyone at the work place is satisfied to keep maintaining the hard work and reach our maximum potential.


At Edexy to keep the environment balanced we dedicate two hours per week for activities that revolve around helping the community we live in, such as social services and charitable work. We try to enhance the society we live in as a means for motivation and to inspire others to do the same. Performance measurement and appraisal is a key factor in determining the efficiency and successfulness at work and the returns on the invested capital. Also, we provide local trips to the employees twice each year. In addition to an out-of-work activity every month.


We do not implement a dress code; employees may wear whatever appeals to their liking as long as it fits the work place. This gives the employees a “homelike” feel at the work place, which boosts their morale.


Edexy uses these fundamental components to manage by objectives; it identifies the agreed goals by the manager and subordinate, defines the subordinate’s responsibilities based on the achievable goals and then use the agreed goals and responsibility to detect and assess the performance.


A poor work environment can be responsible for a company’s collapse. When there are negative internal factors affecting the work place, the employees will not be able to showcase their maximum potential, resulting in work that’s incomplete at best. It also creates tension and anxiety for the parties involved and demotivation.


We try to always keep a stress-free environment and check on the well-beings of others at the work place to ensure great results. We achieve these results by providing our employees with a peaceful environment to do their best to reach our customer’s maximum satisfaction.