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Business owners are signing up for Edexy business profiles in order to expose their business to a wider audience and to boost their engagement with their potential customers, we've been receiving a few questions about how our Standard and Premium account options work, so we decided to address some of these here, hoping it helps everyone get to know what is a premium account.

What is a Premium account?

A premium business account is a paid upgrade you get for your account, it comes with a monthly fee, and in return it offers various different benefits to your business account that will help you as a business owner in differentiating your business at

What Benefits You Get With Edexy Premium Account?

  1. With Edexy premium profile your business account get an entire featuring on the main page.
  2. You will be able to add up to 5 categories to state what services your business provide instead of only 3 categories.
  3. As a business owner will have the opportunity to list up to 200 Images in the photo gallery section to let the visitors view as much of your work as possible while the standard account allows you to upload 5 Images only! As for the videos you will be able to upload up to 25 videos instead of only 5 videos.
  4. With premium, you will be able to upload up to 100 deals per month while standard account allows only 2 deals. As for the classified categories up to 20 classified rather than only 3 classifieds.
  5. You will have unlimited leads! Having a standard account limits your leads to 20 leads only! While having a premium business account will allow you to have contact with your potential customers without any limitations.
  6. No similar businesses will be shown as options when customers are viewing your business account profile. What’s better than not having your competitors name beside yours?
  7. With premium, you will be able to add business highlights to your account. Business highlights make a huge difference in search results, which helps a business stands out among the competition and push the customers to choose your business among others.
  8. Also your business account page will be on the preferable searching list!

We are here to help you connect with customers! We’ll do it by offering you a free account to use in exposing your business; at the same time we offer you the option for a premium experience to have more features and be unique if possible.

You can also check our pricing page:

Thank you for reading!

The Edexy Team

PS: If you still have any thoughts regarding the standard vs. premium accounts on Edexy, please feel free to share them with us.