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As we all know one of the industries that got heavily affected by corona virus are restaurants as they are places where people gather with their families and friends to have a good time and a lovely meal and social gatherings became restricted. We created this blog for all restaurant owners to help in minimizing the impact of corona virus on your business.

As a restaurant owner, first of all you need to give a priority for the safety of your team and your customers making sure everything is perfectly sanitized, everyone is wearing their masks, having the right social distancing between tables and ensure that all your team members get their vaccine and ideally anybody that needs to get into your restaurant basically had their first shot, and to follow all the other rules and regulation by the ministry of health. After ensuring a safe environment, you will need to be creative and get unfamiliar ideas to stand still during this hard period of lower dine-in business. During these hard times you need to focus on your loyal customers and deepen your relationship with them, as they will be the ones who will carry your business through these uncertain times ahead, and who will also help you return to normal when the pandemic is over.

You need to make your restaurant a safety spot for your customers.

The first step in dealing with coronavirus is to make your restaurant as clean as possible beside cleaning the tables and chairs after each guest you also need to pay attention to all the details that should be disinfected like all surfaces that customers touch, light switches, door handles, even kitchen items that are commonly used must be washed and sanitized as much as possible. You need to provide for your team sanitizers to use after each interaction with customers.

Another thing you can do is minimizing the use of cash as it increases the risk of contamination; offer more cashless payment options for your customers. Give disinfectant napkins to your guests. You need to take every initiative you can to keep your restaurant disinfected.

You can reduce the spread of corona virus by limiting the number of customers allowed inside you can do so by opening up your reservation policies, you can also rearrange your floor plan and move tables to make more space between guest.

Use temperature guns to take customers temperature at the door before entering since one of the common symptoms of corona virus is fever. Give guidance for your employees on how to deal with sick customers, whether if anyone has fever, is coughing or if the employees suspect the customer is infected for any reason.

After doing all the needed for your restaurant to become a safe spot make sure your customers see all these efforts you did, let them feel that your restaurant is haven. An important step is to broadcast all the precautions you took to make your place safe on social media and on your website.

Encourage delivery and takeaway to avoid possible COVID-19 contamination

Lower dine-in because people don’t want to directly interact with others and are afraid of visiting crowded places? Why not to take advantage of this action and focus more on delivering the food they’re craving to their place! You can make offers on delivery and takeaway to encourage customers to order. This is one of the best ways to keep operating while keeping the chance of contamination as low as possible. Of course you need to make sure that all precautions are taken. Delivery personnel should be wearing masks and gloves. They should avoid customer contact, the payment better to be done digitally and also hand the food without touching the customer.