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How Restaurants can Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic.

1. Social Media.

Make sure you post regularly on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and advertise promo codes through those platforms. Post photos of your staff because your customers want to see and support the names and faces that they see on their screens.

2. Be Generous.

Get in contact with your local hospital or connect with a nearby medical facility, and ask if they accept donated meals. Then, add a frontline responder meal item as an option in your menu, and deliver the meals to frontline responders. By using this method, you well be selling and delivering around a hundred meals to your local hospital or medical facility.

3. Offer contactless pickup.

Set up an area in your restaurant with a clear sign about food pickup for third-party delivery drivers to quickly come in and pickup orders without having to interact with anyone. Third-party food delivery platforms are an applicable way for restaurants to get their names out there.

4.  Add a larger order option on your menu.

With everyone stuck at home due to the Coronavirus, many customers are ordering food for the entire family. If you don’t already have a family meal on your menu, consider adding one to your menu.

5. Improve your signage

In the wake of COVID-19’s rapid spread, some restaurants were forced to shut down. Some of these restaurants shut down temporarily while some of the other not so lucky restaurants were forced to shut down permanently. In case you are still open for business, make it clear to your customers who pass by that you.  You can do so by leaving an eye-catching note that sticks on the outside of your restaurant. Inform customers that you’re open for takeout and delivery on social media, over email, and on your website. Share your hours, open locations, special offerings and deals, delivery platforms. This will help you keep your business running.

6.  List your restaurant online.

You can always sign your restaurant up with restaurant directories. These apps help promote local restaurants, and you can sign your restaurant up for free!

Some of these restaurant directories that you need to list your restaurant on include:

1. TripAdvisor

2. Yellow Pages

3. Yahoo

4. Facebook

5. Sidewalk

6. OpenTable

7. Yelp

8. Zomato

9. OpenTable

10. Allmenus