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Edexy offers two kinds of business levels, a Standard and a Premium account. The premium option offers a wide range of benefits over our standard one which will be listed down below. Business owners would utilize the maximum ability of our website by choosing to upgrade to premium.


The standard account is suitable for most businesses because it has the main features they are looking for. The majority of business owners prefer this choice because it is free of charge and will still be able to benefit them in many different ways.


When business owners on our website choose to upgrade, they reap more benefits and are able to maximize their services on Edexy. Business owners who choose to sign up for the premium account and pay the $9.99 fees will have a number of extra upgrades & features that would raise and enhance their business.


Here is a list of upgrades Premium accounts receive: -

1. They would have an unlimited number of leads on the website. This would allow the business to contact individuals without having to worry about the amount of twenty leads the standard account has to offer.


2. Instead of just three categories, your business will be able to list up to five categories. When the number of your listed business categories expand, this will increase the chances of customers being able to find your business on our website.


3. The ability to upload up to 200 images and 25 video in the Edexy gallery section to let the viewers have a larger outlook of your work. This will increase the likelihood of customers being satisfied with the work you do, since they are able to view a good number of different media you are uploading. The standard only allows you to upload up to 5 images and 5 videos.


4. With the premium, your business will get an entire featuring on the main page of our website. Customers would almost certainly prefer to pick from the top selections of our page, so that will help attract more customers to your business.


5. When customers view your business profile, no related businesses will appear with the recommendations. This would weed out other competitors from attracting the customers eye while viewing your profile.


6. When customers search for a specific category on our website, your business will show up first in the recommendations.


7.  Highlights are a main feature of our premium accounts. With highlights businesses can show case their many options, which is not available for standard accounts. Highlights help a business stand out and persuade the customers to go for it.


8. Premium also allows you to upload up to 100 deals per month, whereas the standard account only allows for 2. In terms of classified categories, you can have up to 20 instead of three.


Whilst both the Standard and Premium options at Edexy will allow your business to grow substantially, the premium offers more options and grants you more perks which will allow your business to grow more and maximize your profit.